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Alias: 1,3-diaminourea; Carbonic dihydrazide; Carbazide; cardonic dihydrazide; 4-aminosemicarbazide; carbonohydrazide; Carbohydrozide; CBH; 1,3-diamino-ure
English name: Carbohydrazide
CAS No.: 497-18-7
EC No.: 207-837-2
Molecular formula: CH6N4O
Molecular weight: 90.0845
Purity: ≥99%
Properties: white crystal powder
Packing: 25kg cardboard drum
To use: Carbohydrazine is a derivative of hydrazine. It has strong reductive properties and can be used as an intermediate in the manufacture of energetic materials. It can also be used directly as a component of rockets and propellants. Used as deoxidizer of boiler water. Widely used in medicine, herbicide, plant growth regulator, dyes and other industries.

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