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English name: 5-Phenyl-1H-tetrazole
Alias: 1H-Tetrazole, 5-phenyl-; 5-PHENYLTETRAZOLE; 5-Phenyl tetrazole; 5-Phenytetrazole; 5-pheny1-terazole; 5-phenyl-2H-tetrazole; 5-phenyltetrazol-1-ide; 1H-Tetrazole,1-phenyl-; expandex5pt
CAS: 18039-42-4
EINECS No.: 241-950-8
Molecular formula: C7H6N4
Molecular weight: 146.15
Appearance: white crystal powder
Content: ≥99%
Packing: 25Kg/ fiber can
To use: Used in the synthesis of new generation cephalosporin antibiotics, the use of photosensitive stabilizer, metal oxidation and rust inhibitor, metal corrosion inhibitor, lubricating oil metal deactivator and pressure anti-wear additive.

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