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Inching Towards 30

Genre: Poetry | Published: September 2021 | Format: Paperback | Language: English

A lot of times words flow in the mind, thoughts cloud around. All we need is a pen and paper to express, and there you go, there’s the poetry of the mind. As Toshal moves towards a milestone age of 30, this is an account of experiences; a self-dialogue, reflections of successes, failures, sorrows, joys and love. This book is a piece of expression for anybody and everybody to find themselves in these words or between the lines of the poems.

There are checklists that we often make before we reach a milestone age. You want to do a certain amount of things and be a certain way before you turn 30. But life has its own course. All the lists you make become insignificant as you enjoy the process more than the goal. This book is all about inching towards 30, not 30 under 30. Here's a dedication to all beautiful souls out there to enjoy all successes and failures in work, in relationships, in everything.

Cover Illustration by:

Omisha Gandhi