Hey, Man

Poem by Toshal Gandhi

Don’t be confused, this is not what you think.

I’m not ranting again, don’t you like always disappear in a blink.

This is a heartfelt appeal, a message to rethink,

It’s time for you come out in the rink.

What’s so wrong in being the upper hand?

What’s so wrong in taking the dominant stand?

What the harm, in a little chitter chatter?

What’s the harm in a little fun and banter?

Don’t all these questions slyly cross your mind,

Every time we say a piece of our voice, with our emotion intertwined.

It’s not a weak cry, or a rant unkind,

You’re not the victim here, don’t hide behind the blinds.

It happens everywhere, right from schools and colleges,

Even when we’re apparently ‘free’, it still sticks, in offices and workplaces.

It happens in a conversation casually, in a movie morally,

Coming down the generations, in each and every story.

What do you think I’m talking about?

Injustice, violence, rape and all the extremes?

No, there’s just one thing aligned here, without a doubt,

Patriarchy is the word, the concept ingrained in our veins and dreams.

Not all of you are abusive, unkind, biased you say,

You forget you come from a place of privilege, a secured place to stay.

But you’re scared, you’re scared to break the pact with your kind.

You fear the support system you rely on, your brothers, your bind.

We don’t lie when we scream out our pains,

With terror eyeing, as we walk through the lanes.

We don’t exaggerate the details, of painful encounters of all intensity and type

They break us apart, in thought, body, mind, without any hype.

It’s time you understand your bro code isn’t all that tight,

It hurts minds, scars lives, in the way that’s not at all right,

Whether it’s a conversation, a date, a marriage, a social gathering,

It’s time you change what you’ve been offering.

Hey Man, where’s the good in your heart?, I’ve seen the empathetic look,

It’s time you know your kind has been a humanity crook,

It time you take a stand, not be averse, for you don’t want to hurt more, break more women.

It’s time to change your book from ‘Privilege 101’ to ‘Unaddressed Voice and Emotion’.


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