Journey, My Prize

Reflections of the mind, pondering aloud

Learning, unlearning, relearning with scribbles of thoughts.

A few days ago, while meditating, a thought was put forth, that how we sometimes look at the end as the prize and forget how the journey is the actual prize. For me, this was a huge realisation, of my doing this to myself all through the years, all the time.

This thought stuck around, brewed in the head, I wanted to just get it out of my system. My scribbles of words, lines and dots helped me articulate my thoughts. I wouldn’t call this a poem, or a drawing or whatever terms, just the mind letting out thoughts, not judging the thoughts or the outcome, and fearlessly sharing some moments, some reflections.

Here it goes.

Journey, My Prize

As a child,

I had dreams,

Of climbing high,

To reach the sky

Mountain by mountain,

Peak by peak,

Striding above,

No glitches in the streak.

One day, someday,

I imagined, I dreamed,

Of marking my flag,

With victory in my bag.

Little did I know,

This path is not real,

I wish I was told,

Of what life actually unfolds.

The path that I saw,

As I grew up in real,

Was a world of flaws,

With ups and downs, a part of the deal

I soared up,

Marked my flag,

Tumbled down,

Hit my back.

I rested, I learnt, along the road,

Small mountains soared, green grasses mowed,

Each step I took, I laid a flag,

Not worrying about the end,

Finding success in the process, in the bend.

I unlearned my dream,

Of keeping prizes at the end,

Relearned to live, to stride,

With my prize as my journey, with nothing to hide.