Poem by Toshal Gandhi

This story goes back 28 years,

There lived a girl, in a family of liberal minds and ears,

Gender was no bar, no differentiating factor,

For her to receive all education, privilege from the equality chapter.

Growing up came a stage of a secret conversation,

The one that seemed like a mission, an investigation,

That’s when she first got introduced to the red dot,

The ‘new inevitable addition’ to her life lot.

Shame, anger, confusion, worry,

All emotions rushed in jiffy,

All she thought of this battle,

Was to hide pads, sit carefully and settle.

No one ever said what this novel gain beholds,

No one ever spoke of a million cramps and the rapid dance of hormones.

Years passed by, counting the 28-day cycle, with 4 days of agony, pain terror running in a circle.

Painkillers, sanitary napkins, dark clothes became basic girl essentials,

Hiding the biggest secret for the world in denial.

Isn’t it just a part of a woman, that makes life on earth appear,

All she has to do in return is have 4 days to suffer,

Aren’t women given the leverage to extra rest,

Isn’t that acknowledgment enough, why the quest?

As she sees the world today with her acumen,

She understands the red dot, the period is a full stop for many women,

At 28, regular pain, every 28 days is a privilege, a boon,

When many suffer in its absence with disorders in gloom.

Millions today are shammed are the feet of the deity,

Only for the phenomenon of ‘giving life’ as an ability.

Period means way more than a red dot or an English-Language full stop,

It marks the lifestyle of a woman, at all times, every day without a stop.

Menstruation requires good hygiene that many can’t receive,

Today, let’s clean our minds, give prejudice a leave,

Hygiene doesn’t mean absorbing the red dot, the period in a piece of cloth,

It means to remove the mind bugs, the dirt from the life broth.


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